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Votre marque de lingerie menstruelle Made in France 🇫🇷 | Malucette

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We want Malucette to be an ethical and committed brand, which is why we have decided to manufacture our products in France.

The reasons for choosing Made in France

The textile industry is considered to be the second most polluting industry in the world, and represents the excesses of "fast fashion". Indeed, the environmental impact of transport by plane or boat is considerable. At Malucette we want to fight against this planetary problem , so you have the guarantee that our tangas will not have traveled thousands of kilometers to reach our warehouses and leave to your mailboxes!

"Made in France" does not only mean a garment made in France, but it is a real commitment to respect for Human and Labor Rights. It should also be remembered that today, nearly 250 million children work in the world, including more than 150 million in dangerous conditions.

In addition, Made in France is an act of solidarity and support for the local economy.

The Malucette menstrual tanga

Our products are designed in Paris , by 4 designers and 2 model makers.

The fabrics, labels and packaging are selected in France, between Paris and Troyes.

The clothing is made in Troyes (French textile capital). This clothing workshop has always worked in textiles and knits. It supports the biggest brands like Hermès, Agnes B, Petit Bateau ... Storage and shipments are made in Troyes.

Malucette's menstrual tanga is a committed product , which advocates values ​​ and which, behind a price, makes our way of consuming much better.

It's not just a menstrual thong, but it's also a philosophy , a real change of life.

So what are you waiting for to switch to menstrual tangas? 😉