Made in France

Willo and Robin
"We are part of this generation of creators who believe that any development project should be ethical and have meaning"
The evidence of Made in France
The products are designed in Paris, by 4 designers and 2 model makers.
Since the beginning of our research, our goal has been to create designer lingerie, refined and which perfectly hugs the woman's body.
Obviously the design is studied for the optimal absorption of the flow of the rules. The model is optimized and ultra-efficient.
The fabrics, labels and packaging are selected in France, between Paris and Troyes.
The confection is made in Troyes, in the emblematic EMO workshop. This clothing workshop has always worked in textiles and knits. It supports the biggest brands like Hermes, Agnes B, Petit Bateau ...

Storage and shipments are made in Troyes.

In this way, Malucette's carbon footprint is ultra-reduced.

Our ethics

We are both from the provinces, more precisely Ariège in the Pyrenees.

When we arrived in Paris (Robin for the prestigious Boules design school and Willo for modeling) we loved this "fast life" and all that is best in all areas.

Absolutely fan of professional know-how, particularly in design and fashion, but with one reservation: overconsumption and all the climatic damage that this causes.

Creation of the Malucette brand

What could be better then than to create an ethical and 100% French brand? It touches on the technicality of textile design, as well as on fashion and the feminist universe.

The idea was born in April 2020 and commercialization began just 5 months later. Today, we are absolutely delighted to be able to offer our products to you on this site, as well as in physical stores, all over France.

We sincerely hope to participate in the development of women's lives, through this period of menstruation. We want to make women beautiful, strong and confident. Especially during menstruation!

Robin and Willo