How does Malucette free you on a daily basis?

Comment Malucette vous libère au quotidien ? | Malucette

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Hello everyone! We are delighted to publish our first article on the Malucette blog!

Today we decided to show you how the Malucette thong changes your life.

Our missions are that women can fulfill themselves, feel confident, be free and wear female lingerie even during their period.

It offers the same comfort as a classic thong. Menstrual thongs unlike sanitary napkins can be worn very well all day long, so there is no stress and worry of having to change several times and allows you to feel free and comfortable.

It also allows women to practice a sport in all safety, without fear. It has been tested and approved during sport (boxing, jogging, fitness, bodybuilding, dance, climbing, tennis, judo, yoga, and many others ...).

So, whatever clothes you wear and what color they are, you won't have to worry about your comfort.

To be sure that our tanga is absorbent , odor-resistant and naturally antibacterial, a layer of bamboo fiber the composes and fulfills this task perfectly. (double layers for heavy flow).

The menstrual tanga is very suitable for small, medium and large menstrual flows.

We offer two levels of absorption:

  • Average flow is equivalent to up to 2 tampons / sanitary napkins.
  • Heavy flow is equivalent to up to 5 tampons / sanitary napkins.

The latter is generally used for at night when the flow is more substantial.

In addition, we had 40 women tested the prototypes of thongs and none of them leaked during their period.

The safest thing to do when you get your thong is to try it on at home the first time, which helps you get used to it and build confidence.

The tanga made of organic cotton , is healthy for the body , and it is quite possible to wear it on a daily basis, to simply feel sexy .

Now all you have to do is test! Please feel free to share your experience with us. 😊

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