How do I choose my size?

Choose your usual size.

I have a very heavy flow, is the menstrual tanga suitable?

The menstrual tanga is very suitable for small, medium and large menstrual flows.

We offer two levels of absorption:

  • The first is equivalent to up to 3 buffers
  • The second up to 5 buffers

In addition, we had 40 women tested the prototypes of thongs and none of them leaked during their period.

The safest thing to do when you get your thong is to try it on at home the first time, which allows you to get used to it and feel confident.

How do we wash it?

After use, just rinse it with cold water. Then machine wash at 30 °, air dry.

It's go again !

It is better to avoid fabric softeners, tumble dryers or even irons which may damage the absorption efficiency.

What is the lifespan of a Malucette menstrual tanga?

The tanga is washable and reusable for 4 to 7 years. The absorbent part doesn't wear out, it's just the cotton that eventually wears out, like any piece of lingerie.

How many menstrual tangas do I need to complete during my complete cycle?

We all know it, we don't have our period for just one day!

If you want to be economical at first, 3 menstrual tangas are the minimum to wash it and alternate every 12 hours.

If you wanna be chill and have time for washing and drying, 4-6 thongs will be perfect for you!

How many hours in a row can I wear it?

The thong is designed to be worn for up to 12 hours. Bamboo fiber (absorbent fabric) is naturally anti-bacterial and anti-odor.

Can we use the Malucette tanga for urinary leaks?

Yes ! Of course, it is also recommended!

The menstrual tanga is made from organic fabrics, so it is a very healthy protection, which can be worn on a daily basis.

Are the menstrual thongs comfortable?

It is designed to fit the shapes of women, regardless of their morphology. It sits on the hips and is wide enough on the crotch for hyper-reliable absorption.

The cotton layer is fully lined, the support is really assured without being too tight.

What is the composition of the Malucette tanga?

There are 4 different fabrics:

  • Black organic cotton (inside the tanga)
  • Bamboo fiber absorbent fabric
  • The thin waterproof membrane
  • Lavender or black organic cotton (outside the tanga)

At the end of the day, is there a smell?

Bamboo fiber (absorbent fabric of the menstrual tanga) is naturally anti-odor and anti-bacterial. We do not use any chemical fragrance.

Period blood naturally smells like iron, mixed with vaginal discharge. This natural scent shouldn't happen during the day, but if you can smell it at the end of the day, know that your body is healthy.

Can the menstrual tanga be worn during sports?

Yes of course !

It has been tested and approved during sport (horse riding, boxing, jogging, bodybuilding, dancing, climbing, tennis, judo, yoga, and many others ...).

We have a lot of athletic clients, since the Malucette tanga ensures safety and great freedom of movement (in addition to being invisible under clothing)!

For more testimonials, here are the feedbacks from our dear customers:

Is Malucette eco-responsible?

Oh yeah !

Malucette is an ethical brand that aims to be sustainable and French 🇫🇷 🍏

The fabrics, threads and elastics are bought in Paris, then go to Troyes for the making. Once the piece of lingerie is ready, it is stored and packed in Troyes, before being sent to you.

Where are our menstrual tangas made?

Each of our tangas are handmade, in Troyes, the French textile capital 🇫🇷 🎀

You can send us a certificate request email if needed to

Take care 💜🦄 and do not hesitate to write to us! We will be happy to answer you 😄