How to wear your tanga properly?

Comment bien porter son tanga ? | Malucette

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Are you wondering how to wear your menstrual thong properly? We explain everything to you here 😉

1 era step!

The first step is to see if the size of the thong is right for you. It should not be too big to avoid the risk of leaks or too tight because it is not super comfortable.

Choosing the right size is essential to feel comfortable, confident and allow the thong to absorb period blood as well as possible. Here is our size guide :)

2 th step!

Then, once you have checked that the size of the tanga suits you well, the ideal is to test it at home, (on weekends or at night for example) the first time, which allows you to get used to and be confident.

Our tips for use;)

When you wear your tanga, pull it up on your hips so that the fabric is perfectly pressed against your body and allows rapid and optimal absorption.

Menstrual tangas can be worn every day, for white discharge, spotting or urinary leakage. The Malucette tanga is made from organic fabrics, so it is a very healthy protection. It is then quite possible to wear it on a daily basis, to simply feel sexy.

It goes unnoticed under your clothes and offers comfort and safety! You can make the most of your period and feel free and comfortable.

Can teens wear it?

Even teenage girls can wear it! The thong is suitable for everyone and is ideal for having a healthy first period from day one instead of using disposable protectors with chemicals.

Little tip: wet the inside of the thong a little before using it to facilitate absorption.

That's it, now you're ready to use your tanga! <3

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