How to maintain your menstrual tanga?

Comment entretenir son tanga menstruel ? | Malucette

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Hellooo! Today is a short article on how to maintain your menstrual thong. For the thong to remain effective as long as possible, it is essential to take care of it.

1 era step:

It is very important when you receive your thong to pre-wash it directly in a washing machine before using it. This step is essential because the tanga is in direct contact with the genitals and it is therefore better if it is clean!

After use:

Just rinse it with cold water or let it soak for a few hours if you have a heavy flow. Then wash your menstrual tanga in the machine at 30 ° with your usual laundry and then you can air dry it.

What to avoid!

→ Fabric softener, detergents with chemicals or perfumes, tumble dryers, irons or any other heat source that may damage the absorption efficiency.

Our advice!

For laundry, it is advisable to take a good look at the composition and opt for a neutral detergent, not too greasy and as natural as possible. Then store it in a dry place with the rest of your clothes 😉

And off we go for a ride!

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