Malucette tangas are environmentally friendly 🍃

Les tangas Malucette sont respectueux de l’environnement 🍃 | Malucette

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In addition to allowing women to feel more free, Malucette is eco-responsible!

The ecological impact of disposable hygienic protections

There are no specific regulations governing the composition, manufacture or use of intimate protection products.

Disposable pads and tampons can take up to 800 years to break down. Recent ANSES studies have detected the presence of harmful substances, pesticides and other endocrine disruptors.

The menstrual tanga is therefore a great ecological alternative!

The great ecological alternative to the Malucette menstrual tanga

Bamboo fiber (absorbent fabric of the menstrual tanga) is naturally anti-odor and antibacterial. Plus, we don't use any chemical scents, so thongs are hypoallergenic. Perfect for sensitive little buttocks!

It is designed to last 4-7 years. The absorbent part doesn't wear out, it's just the cotton that eventually wears out, like any piece of lingerie.

Our tangas are made from organic fabrics certified GOTS, a superior label which indicates that the fibers come from an organic culture. A real ethical and ecological commitment.

So what are you waiting for to switch to menstrual tangas? 😉

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