Expressions and synonyms to talk about the rules ❤

Les expressions et synonymes pour parler des règles ❤ | Malucette

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A lot of expressions have been coined to talk about rules.

Taboo subject Since always, a discomfort is always present around menstruation. Avoid bringing up the subject, using words like "sanitary napkin" or "blood". Often, even without realizing it, we start whispering about our period or hiding our towel to go to the bathroom. Quite simply not to name them , expressions, synonyms and euphemisms have been invented and are most often very absurd but at the very least innovative!


In France we use a multitude of expressions, the best known are:

  • The ragnagnas,
  • The English have landed, in reference to the English soldiers in red uniforms,
  • Be in your red week,
  • Red alert,
  • The Red River,
  • Niagara Falls (we also created a challenge on Tik Tok #LesChutesDuNiagara if you're curious, don't hesitate to take a look at our TikTok @malucette ;)

Foreign expressions are just as creative!

  • In England : Red curse ”: red curse,
  • Russia: The Red Army,
  • USA: Fall off the roof,
  • In Germany: "Erdbeerwoche" which means strawberry week,
  • In Finland: "Hullum lechman tauti" The Days of blackberries and raspberries (definitely lots of red fruits),
  • In Denmark: "Der Er Kommunister i Lysthuset" there are communists in the house of pleasure,
  • In South Africa: "Granny's stuck in traffic" Granny gets stuck in traffic,
  • In Spain: “Descongelar el Bistec” defrost the steak,
  • In Latin America: “Jenny has a red dress on”: Jenny wears the red dress.

However, this proves that behind these expressions, the taboo and the discomfort of naming the lexicon of menstruation aloud is very present. These expressions often have a negative connotation and it doesn't help to feel any less embarrassed and ashamed about the subject of menstruation, especially for young girls.

At Malucette, our goal is for women to be comfortable, confident and free 🩸💜

We participate in the deconstruction of the taboo linked to the rules by using the real words, positive and fair, because it is not a troublesome or dirty subject but which concerns everyone. P because menstruation is not about women, it's about humans.

And you, do you use words or expressions to talk about the rules? 💜

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