How it works ?

Sustainable and Stylish Ethics !!

Malucette imagined the menstrual tanga for a single purpose: make it possible for women to feel confident, comfortable and beautiful, even during menstruation.

  1. Healthy for your body
  2. Healthy for the environment
  3. Ultra absorbent
  4. Comfortable and invisible under clothing
  5. Organic fabrics
  6. Made in France

Yes Yes ! It is now possible to wear a tanga during your period!

Really efficient : the menstrual tanga is placed on the hips and therefore it is pressed against the body and against the mucous membranes. Every drop of blood that comes out of the body will be directly absorbed by the super protection of the tanga !!
Really comfortable and invisible under clothing. It is ultra absorbent and also offers two flows:
- the average flow (equivalent to 2-3 tampons)
- the abundant flow ( equivalent to 4-5 tampons)
Truly liberating: put it on in the morning, and take it off at night!
There's nothing more liberating than not having to think about your period all day.
Really respectful of your privacy : Made in France, from organic fabrics. This menstrual tanga is without endocrine disruptors and without nanosilver particles.
Goodbye disposable hygienic protections !!
Maintenance: Wear it for up to 12 hours, when removing it we recommend to rinse it with cold water, then in the washing machine at 30 ° C. After drying, it's ready to be reused!

Without compromise to no longer choose between style and comfort, between sexy and self-confident.



1. For an effect zero humidity , we opted for a draining organic cotton , certified GOTS (the highest certification for cotton on quality and respect for the environment).

2. To be sure of our tanga and that it is absorbent , anti-odors And naturally antibacterial, a layer of bamboo fiber composes it and fulfills this task perfectly. (double layers for heavy flow)

3. Perfect waterproofing is essential, which is why we also use a membrane 100% waterproof to keep you dry in all circumstances .

4. The last layer is in Polyamide elastane OEKO-TEX certified, to ensure comfort and unparalleled softness .

The benefits

Healthy for your body

Healthy for the environment

Ultra absorbent

Comfortable and invisible under clothing

Organic fabrics

Made in France

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